Casamonti's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the course of the centuries, the farmers at Casamonti slowly continued to add olive trees in all the empty unused spaces, following typical Chianti tradition of using every bit of land for some use or another.

Then, in 1990, we planted a first section of specialized olive grove, with the trees lined up and spaced at 5 meters from each other, allowing easy access to work the grounds and pick the olives when in season.

This experiment was so successful that in 1998, we planted another very large grove and this time added drip irrigation to the plantation, allowing us to take care of the seedling trees in the heat of summer. Our irrigation system, based on gravitational force only, has now been imitated by many olive growers in Tuscany.

We later planted another large olive grove on another parcel of land that belongs to us, always in the Chianti Classico region, bringing our total olive tree count now to 4000.

The trees are divided into the main selected varietals of our region, with Leccino, Moraiolo, Maurino, Pendolino and Frantoio cultivars planted in a studied combination that allows the olives to mix together during harvest to produce the full aroma and finesse with its spicy undertones typical of the Chianti Classico Region's Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for use on its own as a simple condiment on bread, salads and pasta, or added to sauces in typical Tuscan dishes.


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This is just gorgeous !*love* it all as the messages, the pictures and the quality of the writing. Thanks !

Piers Lyman said...

For me, olive oil has a lot of uses and importance.